Mon. 26.09.2022
— 19:00

Ich weiß noch genau, wie es nicht war

Ich weiß noch genau, wie es nicht war (Foto: Nathalie Wendt)

“Ich weiß noch genau, wie es nicht war” (I still remember the way things were not.) – A family drama about mothers and daughters in a trashy campsite idyll.

A camper van under the open sky, a barbecue, camping chairs, canned beer, radio music and a family. The ultimate epitome of the beautiful yet fraught family swamp.
Three grown up sisters take their old family camper back to the place of their last shared childhood vacation to commemorate their mother. Because not too long ago she had ended her own life.
However, the vacation and especially the mutual grieving are difficult. In the microcosm that is the camper van they realize how differently each of them had experienced not only the family vacations but also their mother. There is a general lack of understanding for each other’s perspectives on the past, as well as for the individual relationship and attitude towards the mother in the now, after the suicide.

A search for answers to unasked questions develops. A struggle to make sense of the suicide within the family system, within a larger context. This theater piece manifests the wish to be released of the loneliness of one’s own past and to, in an act of conscious sisterhood, finally come to terms with the legacy of ancestral generations of mothers.

At the basis of “Ich weiß noch genau, wie es nicht war.” lies the teams interest in a critical and queer-feminist examination of relationship dynamics between women* in the context of a family. For that we draw from our personal experiences within our own families and our own mother-daughter relationships.

The production team is a collectively organized group of four artists with professional backgrounds in puppetry and acting. Coming from a puppetry background we want our props, objects, materials and stage set to be very closely intertwined with the plot of our theater piece. The various objects will function as “witnesses” who will confirm or subvert one or another of the sisters’ positions, or possibly even take on a position of their own.

The aim: to open up a wide field for new perspectives that focus on relevant, cutting edge themes surrounding femininity*.

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  • Trigger warning

    In this play, the topics of suicide and eating disorders are addressed and discussed by the characters in individual scenes.

  • Infos

    This piece takes place in cooperation and at Revier Südost and Open Air.

  • Funding

    Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

    Lost (s)objects

    Theaterhaus Mitte (Logo im Ordner)

    “Thank you also for the content-related, moral, and even financial support by the Maxion family, which will forever be associated with this piece and the work on it.”


  • Credits

  • concept

    KONZEPT: Nathalie Wendt, Johanna Kolberg, Lilith Maxion, Annalena Steiner
  • play

    Mia Lehrnickel/Johanna Kolberg, Lilith Maxion, Annalena Steiner
  • assistant director

    Mia Lehrnickel
  • dramaturgy

    Paula Häfele
  • technique

    Jörn Steiner, Carlos Bulfon
  • technical assistant

    Annalena Steiner
  • production management

    Jörn Steiner
  • trailer

    Theresa Büchner


Ich weiß noch genau, wie es nicht war (Foto: Nathalie Wendt)

Ich weiß noch genau, wie es nicht war (Foto: Nathalie Wendt)

"Ich weiß noch genau, wie es nicht war." - Ein Familiendrama über Mütter und Töchter in einer Campingplatz-Trash-Idylle.