Tue. 05.07.2022
— 19:30


Foto: Toni Petraschk

Why are you so irrational?
Where is all this coming from all of a sudden?
If you can’t explain it to me, how am I supposed to understand it?

Maria’s anger stems from the disability she experiences from society. All her life she thought she could live her normal life like any other person. She will finish her law studies and then she will work as a lawyer, earn a lot of money, be happy and feel like her life has meaning. But then the end of the studies comes, the working life starts and one year after another the NORMAL does not appear. Her boyfriend never makes her feel like he sees her disability. But more and more Maria feels that she is becoming disabled. As an adult, everything should work out. Life should work out. But it is bumpy and lacks of respect.

Anger erupts. At a society that, with its infinitely narrow norm, not only disables Maria. At hundreds of people in Maria’s life who believe they understand it all and suggest to just do this or that or to just take a deep breath. NO. You don’t have to take a deep breath, you have to go crazy.

The script principle “save a cat, kill a dog” states that main characters can be brought closer to or withdrawn from the audience by a selfless act (save a cat) or a senseless cruelty (kill a dog). MARIA KILLS A DOG asks when a non-disabled audience will withdraw sympathy from a disabled main character and whether issues of justice are about sympathy at all.

Saioa Alvarez Ruiz plays Maria Cruz. In this theatre evening which is musically and aesthetically dedicated to female rage, she is supported by Lilli Elena Strakerjahn and Peter Neugschwentner as dialogue partners, musical background and scenic confrontation.

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  • Team

    MARIA KILLS A DOG is a collective play development. The team consists of performer and writer Saioa Alvarez Ruiz, dramaturg and director Lilli Elena Strakerjahn, writer Peter Neugschwentner and transdisciplinary artist Marta Sala.

  • Public Funding

    Initial Funding (‘Einstiegsförderung’) & district funding (‘Bezirksförderung’)