An important part of the Ringtheater’s DNA is the series Macht Kritisch(es) Theater (»(Self-)Critical Theatre«). It was established in 2018 and is the Berliner Ringtheater’s institution-critical format.

Macht Kritisch(es) Theater or MKT for short, opens up a stage for the reflection of power relations that are inscribed in the theatre’s own structure as well as in other national or international theatre houses. In the form of panel discussions or workshops, the series negotiates current discourses at the intersection of theatre, politics and activism.

In the season 2022/23 MKT starts with a contribution of Klasse Klima of the UdK Berlin questioning the political role of theatre in the climate crisis.

Upcoming Events

Wed. 19.04.2023
MKT # 7 – Can Theatre Act On Climate Justice?

Recent Events

Sun. 22.08.2021
MKT #4 – Diasporic Imageries of a Post-Eurocentric Theatre

Thu. 14.10.2021
MKT #5 – Let’s Talk About Classism!

Wed. 01.12.2021
MKT #6 – Cyber Cyber

You would like to participate in Macht Kritisch(es) Theater or have a position that you think should be heard in the context of the discourse series? Macht Kritisch(es) Theater thrives on differing perspectives – we are looking forward to any input, exchange of ideas and requests for cooperation at:

In 2021, Macht Kritisch(es) Theater was supported by the project funding of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district office.