Sa. 11.05.2024 – 12:00

MKT #8 – Workshop: Divergent Dreams

Since 2018, our series „Macht Kritisch(es) Theater“ has opened the stage for
structural reflections on power relations in theater companies. The past panel discussions and workshops of the series brought up topics such as social exclusivity, the anti-racism clause, and, pandemic-related, the resonances of theater and digital space.

In the grip of regimes and their eugenic dreams, lives are constrained in what they can dare to demand. Yet, is it even appropriate to dream under such constraints? The impossibility of dreaming morphs into a complete absence of dreams. How, then, can we uncover a hope amidst the backdrop of ongoing wars, genocides, ecocides, climate change, and the rise of fascisms? Who possesses the right to dream? What are the subjects of these dreams? Which dreams continue eugenic ideologies?

Regimes exert control over the dreaming. However, dissident human and non-human lives veer away from this imposed reality. Their bodies and minds diverge and resist.

During the workshop, we will share our practices of divergences and research around it. You are kindly invited to share your practices in a way that feels comfortable for you as well. Together, we will observe how they transform and influence our dreams. We will explore and share gaps in our personal and collective remembrance. 

To register for the workshop, please fill in the Workshop Form until May 6th. The workshop runs for 2 days. No tickets are necessary and the workshop is free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:  

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  • Duration

    3 hours 12 to 3pm.

  • Contact

  • Spoken languages

    Spoken English with whisper translation in German or Russian (if needed).

  • Triggers

    regimes, thematization of discriminations, grief, trauma, premises may be noisy due to proximity to the S-Bahn.

  • Accessibility information

    The workshop space is accessible without steps. – The accessible bathroom is currently under construction. An update on its availability will be provided a week before the workshop. – Relaxed event with breaks. Different sitting options are available: beanbags, pillows, chairs. There are stim/fidget toys and a resting room in the space.

  • Covid Safety

    We kindly ask to do a Covid self-test and wear a mask if it is accessible for you.

  • Funding

    Mittel des Projektfonds Kulturförderung Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

  • Credits

  • accessibility concept, workshop concept and run

    Kira Shmyreva
  • workshop concept and run

    Jeanna Kolesova