Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo) Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

I want to scream, cry, give free rein to the untamed rage inside me, but I cannot. I don’t even have the strength to cry and just lie there, still and motionless. Why am I still ashamed of my pain, even if it is a collective one?

›Halt‹ is a collective play development, initiated by Thu Hoài Tran and Elisabeth Maria Kuzel and tested together with an ensemble of young Black women and women of color. The ongoing right-wing terror in Germany is the motivation for their union. They explore how solidarity can function intersectionally. What does resistance mean and what are the meanings of privilege and cohesion within communities? The tense, multi-voiced responses offer insights into the ensemble’s individual and collective yearnings. They play with memories, are in the now, looking to the future. They form a swarm, submerge themselves. They swim against inner and outer resistance, emerge and become loud. The performance is a collective self-empowerment process at the intersection of theater and empowerment, aimed primarily at a non-white audience. It is a play development to breathe and cry out. To laugh, to cry, and to fight. Together.

As part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2022, the Berlin Ringtheater will show a recording of the play followed by an audience discussion.

  • Weitere Termine

    Thu. 26.05.2022 20:00 Tickets
  • Information

    In german language

  • Förderung

    ›Halt‹ is a project in cooperation with i-Päd Initiative intersektionale Pädagogik funded by the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.

  • Credits

  • Mit

    Jacqueline Grumme, Josephine Papke, Jeanne-Ange Megouem Wagne, Mariann Yar, Sindi Zeneli
  • Konzept und Regie

    Thu Hoài Tran und Elisabeth Maria Kuzel
  • Bühne

    Rimma Elbert
  • Kostüm

    Mariama Sow
  • Maske

    Djamila Rachor
  • Film

    Emine Demir
  • Kamera

    Eunae Anna Jo, Sajad Bayeqra
  • Dramaturgie

    Dandan Liu
  • Künstlerische Assistenz

    Sanni Est
  • Chorische & musikalische Unterstützung

    Sanni Est, Christine Seraphin
  • Prozessbegleitung

    Tuğba Tanyılmaz & Edwin Grewe (I-Päd)
  • Somatic empowerment Coach

    Pasquale Virginie Rotter
  • Theaterfilm Director of Photography & Postproduction

    Eunae Anna Jo
  • 2. Kamera & Ton

    Sajad Bayeqra


Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)

Halt (Foto: Eunae Anna Jo)