›Songs From The Second Floor‹ – (Von: Wang Ping-Hsiang, Shen Sum-Sum & Tien Yi-Wei) ›Songs From The Second Floor‹ – (Von: Wang Ping-Hsiang, Shen Sum-Sum & Tien Yi-Wei)

A presentation in in English and diverse languages.
APAL@AmnAsia is the residency program of Asian Performing Artists Lab (APAL), that offers artists with asian backgrounds the opportunity to work in an environment surrounded by other artists with asian background and where they can share experiences, resources and knowledge with each other. It is also a space where they can support, as well as stimulate each other’s artistic processes and works.

At APAL@AmnAsia performance-making is not only about how we make works, but also about how we co-exist and thrive together. It is explicitly not production-oriented, but focuses on artistic processes and experimentations with ideas, approaches, ways of working, or whatever challenges or fascinates the artists. The artists have the autonomy to work with themes that concern them, as well as determine their own aesthetics and voices in their works. APAL@AmnAsia is a reminder of the risk of erasure that asian artists face in a predominantly white society and that we must resist it.

After a 6-day residency, the participating artists will present their work-in-progress to the audience, followed by an artist-talk at Berliner Ringtheater.

  • Weitere Termine

    Thu. 28.04.2022 19:30 Tickets
  • Support

    Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

  • Language

    in English and diverse languages

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  • Credits

  • Artists

    Hoa Yun Chung / 정화연 (South Korea), JongSung Myung / 명종성 (South Korea), Maharu Maeno / 前野真榛 + Shuntaro Yoshida / 吉田駿太朗 (Japan), Mudassir Sheikh/ مدثر شیخ (Pakistan), Sailesh Naidu (USA)
  • Organisation and co-curation

    Ming Poon
  • Co-curation

    Frederika Tsai
  • Communication

    Jingyun Li
  • Dramaturgical support

    Dandan Liu
  • Production management

    MIFRUSH Poduction (Micaela Trigo and Urszula Heuwinkel)
  • Videographer

    Celia Staffa
  • Technical support

    Haesoo Jung, Frieder Miller
  • Jury

    Thu Hoài Trần, Frerderika Tsai, Ming Poon