Seda Güngör (Foto: Toni Petraschk)

Seda Güngör

Seda Güngör (she/her) is an actress and perfomer. She studied acting in Istanbul at Kadir Has University, moved to Germany in 2017 and finished her acting studies at UdK Berlin. She acts in theater, films and short films and used to act in Turkish television. The short film ›Other Than That, I’m Fine‹ won the 3sat Förderpreis. Besides acting, Seda collaborates on film projects or writes texts. Some of her short stories have been published, in Maviblau Magazine and Art in Flow, among others. In 2020 Seda participated in the Ringtheater production ›Am schönsten wär’ die Einzeltat‹, since 2022 she is part of the Ringtheater collective.